Baby Journal: Nesting Time

Baby Journal: Nesting Time

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Week 28

On Monday we have officially entered the third trimester of pregnancy. It felt a bit surprising because in my head I thought that the third part starts on the 30th week, but thanks to the Baby app we are updated with accurate calculations regarding our current stage.

Last week I finally sent my master’s thesis as a complete paper, which is going to be presented in a few days to the grading committee. So, along with the third trimester my mood is also switching from “just focusing on the thesis” to “start preparing for the baby arrival”.

As people are saying, the last part of the pregnancy will be a special one because I begin to feel more tired and every movement is getting harder and harder, so I’m really glad that I’ve managed to finish my thesis in time, even if the programme it’s not yet completed. There are also a few other projects that I set aside, prioritising writing, which I now have to get done. However, a switch has already been made in my mind in starting to get everything needed for the baby, and it is quite possible that this change to be favoured by the fact that we just installed the baby’s crib which gives a whole new energy to our space. The nesting season is officially open!

During the pregnancy, Philippe and I have carefully listen to our close friends with children regarding how are they using all the things and what do they have to say about the period when their babies were newborns. We have already gathered a substantial information notebook, with different “dos” and “don’ts” from their lessons learned, and we could sense what from these perspectives will suit us or not. This doesn’t mean that what we are planning is also the way things will go especially because many uncertainties will appear, but at least we release our energy into the universe and set a good starting point.

We both believe that the whole fairytale around the baby to have a natural process, aided by some objects, a few but essential and having good quality if possible, which have multiple functions and can be used for a longer period. We are having just a few expectations, don’t we? I think they are plausible but require a bit more planning.

Since we are living in a studio for students, our space is also requiring a more creative thinking and minimalistic solutions, especially because both of us are very sensitive to how things are organised around us. We are planing to design a harmonious room for all three, preferably without being over crowed by too many plastic accessories with strong colours.

We are now parents for the first time, but three years ago we have experienced the closest parenting feeling during the period when we had Ronja, our golden labrador. From the experience with Ronja, we have learned that no matter what toys we buy, the most appealing things remain the one we are using on our daily basis, like sticks, bottles, cartons and other household objects. I’m not comparing a baby with a dog, but I believe that when it comes to having the curiosity to discover the world, everything around us represents an attraction that can be exploited and if there are too many things, we forget to enjoy them.

Our list started to shape in our heads and we will try to take advantage of our creative skills and make relevant choices for us, as well as many DIY. I will come back with a written list when the baby is approaching, hopefully also with the “why” behind each object that we’ve chosen. Until then, enjoy the sunny days!
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