Beabis' Journal: First Ultrasound

Beabis' Journal: First Ultrasound

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Week 13

Yesterday we went to Stockholm to make our first beabis ultrasound ever !!! And we have seen it !!!

The ultrasound is part of the kubb test and we were a bit worried because literally it was the first time when we have seen the thing that is growing in my belly and I really wanted everything to be ok. The emotions passed quickly when we saw that the baby was super active, waved at us and even kicked with its feet.

Neither Philippe nor I had any idea about how active the baby is even at this early stage! It was really funny the fact that at some point the midwife tried to take a picture of it and guess what, the baby turned his ass thorward us. We were glad to see all the parts, including the dorsal ones, and we even started to make some jokes around it: “Haha, it looks like you! No, like you because it doesn’t like to be photographed!”. But we ended it quickly when we received the warnings from his aunty that we shouldn’t project any other identities onto it, insted let it develop into its own person. Anyway, we had a great time looking at those six centimetres moving very energetic.

We then celebrated with a bag of sweets imported from Romania by a freshly opened Romanian shop in the neighbourhood (even now, when I am writing, I am enjoy a bag of pufuleti - Romanian puffs). Yesterday it was a beautiful day and now we just printed the belly picture to add it to our collection of family pictures on the shelves.

After almost 13 weeks (12+3 to be more precisely) the fatigue is still here and the nausea hasn’t left me yet. Though I recently discovered Lidl’s watermelons and pomelos, and they are helping making my belly bigger every day :p. Otherwise, I try to squeeze in as many nutrients as possible in my diet, even if sometimes they end up going down the sewage. Boiling things is still not working, but we are trying to handle our meals with cold food. Cooking remains a taboo topic.

Six more months to go! And Happy Valentine’s Day!
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