Stage and Costume Design


This page is part of Andreea's scenography portfolio, where you will see several projects she have been working with. The journey of realising new stories, starts by designing rough concepts, creating the models, drawing the costumes, and finally building the entire stage, sewing the clothes and adding special decor elements.. 


"Paper Planes" ("Avioane de hartie") 2016

Play by Elise Wilk , Directed by Cristi Juncu

This is my Bachelor's Degree theater show. I worked hard during the preparations, but it was all worth it when I saw that people enjoy it.


"Servant Of Two Masters" 2015

Play by Carlo Goldoni

This is one of my semester project. The assignment was to make a concept for Goldoni's play, to draw all the technical sketches, build the set design and create the concept for costume design. I've made everything after a strong documentation of Italian Renaissance and Commedia dell'arte.


"Pygmalion" 2015

Play by George Bernard Shaw

This is also one of my school project. For this exercise I made a concept for Shaw's play, based on documentation from the beginning of the 19th century. I drew all the technical sketches, built the set design and created the concept for costume design. 


Costume Performing 2016

For the Stage and Costume Design final exam we needed to prepare a fashion show. Every student chose tree period of art history and made a costume. My first costume was Ancient Egypt, the second one represented Futurism Movement and the last one describing contemporary history - new media - lighting costume.