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Hi. We are Philippe and Andreea Strineholm and you just entered our virtual home.

Long story short: we are a designer and an engineer who beside our usual maritale activities are also doing a lot of other projects. This website was created to show you our work, our passions, places we've been in and other life events. 

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On this page you will find the summary of our projects that we've done together for the last 2 years, staring either from a personal idea, helping out a friend or making a school assignment.

Art Portfolio

This is part of Andreea's artistic portfolio, created in the past 7 years. The works are collected from several moments, themes and art methods, and speak for each art phase of her journey.


Read About Our Experiences


When we travel, we take a lot of pictures and impressions. This is what you will find here.

Student Life

We are also students and we like sharing things that we learn, so click here to learn with us as well.


Life is giving us a mixture of different experiences, which you will see in this category.

Baby Journal

New chapter in our life means new experiences worthy to be shared.