Netherlands: Windmills And Gouda City (Day 6)

Netherlands: Windmills And Gouda City (Day 6)

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The night before we’ve arrived in the Kinderdijk village, so on the sixth day in our Eurotrip we enjoyed the Dutch windmills. But before we visited them, we needed to buy some groceries, therefore we have experienced the local store, Albert Heijn. We really wanted to try out Dutch cheese, especially because I have a strong connection with it since I was young and I was watching Tom running on the big orange wheel, after his buddy Jerry. This cheese really is a fairytale!

Because I’ve just mentioned the shopping, I feel the need to add one thing to the “good to know” category: in the Netherlands, VISA cards are not accepted, no matter if it is credit or debit, so a good alternative is to have a MasterCard or cash with you next time when you will visit this country. :)

After the shopping, we’ve enjoyed a lovely lunch in the most romantic place ever, the front seats of our car, totally relaxed and carefully parked, under the shadows, near the lake.

The visit to the windmills was relatively short because the sun became already too hot, plus the place was pretty busy. We have entered already the “high season”, with lots of tourists and high temperatures. This place was beautiful, and we kept its memory, thus next time we will have to design a Don Quixote inspired show, we will have the authentic documentation for it.

It’s been about a week since we started our journey south, and so forth we felt the need to remember how a home looks like, so an obvious place that we could find in the Netherlands to relax, was clearly IKEA. Our GPS sent us near Rotterdam, where we found a little moment (a few hours) to relax: we’ve tested their couches, recharged our batteries, ate familiar food and made a short selection of photos that we wanted to share with you on the blog. This was a nice occasion for us to remember how many places we have seen and how many things we’ve done in just six days. It’s marvellous how fast the notion of time can change.

Unfortunately, we kept the IKEA experience only in our travel notebook, and we didn’t take any photos, but in the afternoon we ended up visiting the hometown of the Gouda cheese, city that shares its name with the cheese (they pronounce it “Hauda” though). We found an ideal parking place near the city centrum, with a special place for campervans, and after we were all settled in, we took our kick scooters and began to explore the city.

It’s been a super cosy atmosphere, with not so many tourists who really enjoyed a quiet night in the Netherlands. This experience was really the opposite of how it’s been in Amsterdam, just a day before. As a proof of ease, I finally drew a little sketch while Philippe was enjoying a good book.

Both of us realised that the big cities are not really on the top of our preferences’ list, so from now on we will try to find in our way as many “Gouda cities” as we can, because in this way we can have another perspective of the culture that we are visiting. In the next post we will share with you another cute Dutch neighbourhood ^_^


the windmills of Kinderdijk

The City of Gouda

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