Graphic Arts

This is part of Andreea's artistic portfolio, created in the past 7 years. The works are collected from several moments, themes and art methods, and speak for each art phase of her journey.  We hope you will enjoy them as she was when she created them. 



I like the liners. And also my mini sketchbook. So here are a few of my newest drawings.


"Memories of Folklore" 2013

This is my book art object inspired from romanien traditions, being part of my final Graphic Arts Degree Project (Fine Art Highschool), coordinated by Iuri Isar, romanien artist and also my teacher. This book was made in four examples and contains nine original etching illustrations, using the aquaforte and aquatinta technique.
The book was exhibited at Marseille, France and also at National Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania. 



Architectural Studies

This drawings were made to understand the meaning of architectural space, construction and decor elements that compose the volumes. I realized this studies using various techniques, from chalk pastels, watercolors, liners, markers, stain to digital drawing.


Traditions and Folklore

The works on this gallery represent photo collages (made in Photoshop) that have a satire message about romanian traditions nowadays. *I own the photo credits.


Mixed Art

A collection of exercises