Vasa Museum Stockholm

Vasa Museum Stockholm

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Yesterday we had a short trip to Stockholm and we got the chance to visit the Vasa Museum on the island of Djurgarden (animals’ garden).

It was amazing!!! And I’m not saying it because I am usually an enthusiastic person but because this place really is amazing.

I have seen some museums in my life and each of them had something special which I brought with me. This Vasa Museum will definitely stay with me by it’s simplicity and kindness of which it presents the artefacts. I think this is something very much related with the Swedish culture, this way of showing things without any extravagance, but by covering it in a simple, humble and natural way.

The whole museum is about the warship Vasa, discovered almost fully intact, that sank on her main voyage in 1628, 600m from the Stockholm Harbour. But I am not gonna talk about its history, instead about the experience of visiting this place. I did a bit of a research and I found out that the building that covers the ship was actually created after a national competition, where 384 architects sent their ideas, so I understand why it is so well built.

I admit the fact that the first impression was not so “wow” as I am feeling right now, writing about it. Yes, I saw how beautiful the ship’s details were done and how much effort people spent behind this artefact, but as I was climbing the stairs, I began to see everything from a new perspective. With each level new and new elements were exposed, which were helping me to increase the story in my head and along with the story, also my enthusiasm.

The building itself reminds me of the 9/11 Museum from New York, by leaving the concrete structures exposed and combining them with other subtile new media elements. But in New York, they did it with the purpose of showing of the suffering of the people that passed through that event, while the Swedes are doing it for architectural aspects. I was impressed by how well they succeed in combining the modern elements with the 17th century materials. They builded extraordinary stage design effects, by using translucent panels and screens with short animations on it, plus some video projections from that period about women that were also an important part in society, helping men in building that ship.

Vasa Museum is a place that you should visit if you are arriving in Stockholm, and the 13 euros spent on the ticket are really worthy. The museum has a very nice energy and you are really enjoying every second spent there, and thinking now, I can say that this is one of the most beautiful museums that I have ever seen until now.

I hope you’ll enjoy the images which will convince you to visit Stockholm!

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